It was 1994 when our company was born, almost for a bet, from the dream of a couple of friends. A bet that has slowly changed and is becoming an increasingly solid reality.

We like to define Tecnolab “a changing company,” because we understand how important is to be abreast with the times, never stopping, always pursuing new goals.

We started with the production of stencils and frames, which still remain our core business. Then, with the passing of time, we began the marketing of consumables, small equipments, until introducing on the market some products completely designed and manufactured in our own plant.

This is our present, this is Tecnolab. And tomorrow? Surely we will be ready for all challenges that the future will reserve us, with all our competence and willingness.



We understand that each customer represents a world itself, with its peculiarities and unique features. For this reason our salesmen, thanks to their technical experience, try to come into your reality in order to understand your needs and suggest you the most suitable products for your company.



In our times, it’s more and more usual to use technology tools for our relationships. Yet we still believe in human relations. We believe, and our own experience is confirming this, that a smile and a sincere handshake can still be a good business card, a first step to lay the foundations for a lasting relationship of trust and confidence. And sometimes, this can make the difference.



In a world where everything is experienced in real time, there’s no time to waste. We understand the need of “everything-and-now” which has become a constant in the customer / supplier relation. That’s why our commitment is to try to satisfy all your requests to 360 degrees, in the shortest time possible, without sacrificing the quality aspect, which still remains our main goal.