SPI 8030-3



The new KY8030-3 delivers 3x faster inspection without compromising performance and accuracy.

Using patented dual projection, the system eliminates the critical Shadow problem that all 3D SPI systems can be vulnerable to.

Additionally, the new KY8030-3 has solved the PCB Warp problem that seriously impacts inspection accuracy and reliability of result.


  • Warp Compensation Solution
  • User-friendly Renewal GUI
  • 3D Data based SMT Process Control System
    • Closed Loop Real Time Screen Printer Communication (Optional)
    • SPC Plus Printing Process Optimization Tool
    • KSMART Link Communication Solution


  • 3D Shadow Free Moiré Technology & Dual Projection
  • Warp Compensation (Pad Referencing + Z-tracking)
  • 3D Foreign Material Inspection
  • 4M Pixel Camera
  • Closed Loop with Printer
  • Max. PCB Size: L = 510 x 510mm; XL = 850 x 690mm