Thanks to its experience, Tecnolab offers a new line of innovative design workbenches.
The sturdy structure is entirely made of bent sheet metal. Every single element has been studied to ensure the table to support adequate loads.

The worktop can be supplied in 30mm chipboard covered with anti-reflective melamine-laminate with high strength on both sides.
There is also an ESD version with static dissipative laminate, 10M ohms resistivity. In both cases the edge of the worktop is covered with a flat black PVC profile.
The electrification of Tecnolab tables can be provided by the establishment on the front part (max. 3 positions) or by an electrified bar in the front of the worktop. All tables are equipped with an electrified cabinet complete with breaker 10A placed in the back side.
In the ESd version, the table is equipped with two sockets to connect antistatic wristband in the front part of the worktop. For the lighting, you can choose between the classic ceiling PVC or professional ones in extruded aluminium.
In a dynamic manufacturing environment what can go well today, Tomorrow it will need to be adjusted. For this reason, our tables can be modified thanks to different optionals ranging from standard shelf, to incined shelf, or electrified bar, and so on.
Another important feature is the ease of assembly. This gives us the opportunity to deliver our tables already mounted or unmounted, making transportation easier and less expensive.
The choice of using only bent sheet parts, gives us the possibility to offer a completely customizable items (sizes and features). The side leg can also be customized with your logo. the painting is done with two-tone glossy powder (RAL 5012 and RAL 7035) as standard. Available in other colors on request.
  • ESD material or standard
  • modular approach: several solutions to be added also later
  • customizable: legs can be customized with your color and company logo





TECNOLAB - Equipments
TAGARNO – Digital microscope
PDR – Rework system
EMT – Auto Dry Cabinet
KIC – Smart Profiler
PUREX – extraction system
MODI – Incoming relabeling station
ARCADIA - Sistemi di Gestione Intelligente